Kylie Lip Kit VS Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last post, I know… but I’m back and I’m going to give you a review on the Kylie and Revolution lip kits (MATTE VERSION)

Everyone knows about Kylie’s lip kit (if you don’t then i’m not sure where you’ve been). Kylie has so many colour options when it comes to her liquid lipsticks, always so hard to chose which one to get!  However the revolution one has like 3 colours if that and personally i think there’s like only one nice one.

Kylie’s lip kits cost $29 (USD) annoying for us UK people who have to pay international shipping but yeah. So I went into superdrug not too long ago and was scanning through and saw the ‘Makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits’ kid you not the packaging legit looked exactly like Kylie’s but the colour scheme was a bit diff.

So brought it, absolute bargain ONLY £6!! Came home and was so eager to try it even broke the box when I was trying to get it out lool. Finally got it out, tried it and… IT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD! However, you know how it is, gotta keep that lippy on all day. like 2/3 hours later my lips acc felt like sandpaper, they became cracked and looked so nasty I can’t even talk about it anymore so lets move onto Kylie’s kits.

Kylie’s lip kit formula is actually made by the gods, it’s not drying, doesn’t make my lips looked cracked and LASTS FOR AGES! Even though Kylie’s is a bit on the expensive side ( (+international post and release charges in the UK, can they not) they are so worth it. I’m always looking for a bargain but I’d rather pay a little extra to get a lippy that doesn’t make my lips look like a cracked pavement.

Here’s the links to both lipsticks if any of you guys want to check them out:

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe lip kits:

Kylie Cosmetics:



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